The Art Gallery of ASÍ, Reykjavík, Iceland. 1999

1999, Sculpture, The Art Gallery of ASÍ, Reykjavík

Rock I´98, 1998, 82x40x100 cm. concrete, glass

A thing from underneath, 1909, 38x38x101 cm, concrete, glass, sand

A thing fro underneath, detail

Mount Thomas, 1998, 182x49x42 cm. concrete glass, sand

Mount Thomas, detail

Mountain I´98, 1998, 217x45x45 cm. concrete, glass, sand, enamel

Portrait I´99, 1999, 70x36x13 cm. concrete, glass, sand

Portrait II´99, 1999, 70x24x18 cm, concrete, glass, color

Installation view from the balcony

Meteors I´98 - I´99, 1989-99, 40x46x85 cm. 37x38x82 cm. glass

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