Various pieces form the New York years

New York, NY, USA. 1984-1990


Kommi & Sunna, 1985, 40x36x68 cm. 52x50x97 cm. plaster, pigment, glass, horsehair

Untitled, 1995, 130x80x150 cm. 110x90x140 cm. concrete, glass, horsehair

Untitled, detail 

Visiting Artist, 1986, New York Experimental Glass workshop, USA,

The Lady, 1986, 174x62x107 cm. concrete, glass, varnish, sand

Untitled, 1986, 80x50x200 cm. plaster, spry paint, glass. Untitled 1986, 90x55x165 cm. concrete, glass, horsehair

Visiting Artist, installation view

The Knight, 1986, 122x28x90 cm. concrete, glass, whale baleen, steel

Knights I, II, III, 1997, installation view

Knight II. 1987, 78x82x44, hydrostone, spry paint, glass

Knight III. 1987, 70x101x40 cm. hydrostone, spry paint, glass, whale baleen

Knight I, 1987, 78x100x33 cm. hydrostone, spry paint, glass

Knight I, detail

1987, In the Viking Tradition, New York Experimental Glass Workshop.

Hervör, 1987, 102x91x51 cm. glass, silicone, color

In the Viking Tradition, installation view

In the Viking Tradition, installation view

Elfstone, 1987, 122x122x61 cm. concrete, glass

Knights IV, V, 1988, 105x29x140 cm. 98x32x122cm. concrete, glass whale baleen, steel

Knight IV, detail

Untitled, 1988, 156x27x62 cm. concrete, glass

Untitled, detail

Untitled, 1988, 164x50x30 cm. concrete, glass, pigment

Untitled, detail

Landvísar, 1988, 195x130x95 cm. concrete, glass, sand, steel

Landvísar, detail

1990, On Common Ground, One Main Street Windows, Brooklyn, NY

On common Ground, installation view

Untitled, 1990, 100x105x45 cm. concrete, Mountain, 1990, 160x70x11 cm. concrete, glass

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